Effortlessly keep or re-gift up to 33% of your past donations


One Billion Dollars

If it remains unclaimed,
its potential could be lost.

Right now, there's roughly $1B of unclaimed charitable donation rebates waiting for New Zealanders to claim them.

Imagine how much good that money could do.

If everyone who's donated to a charity in the past four years works together, we can access that money and give it back to those charities to do something incredible.


One Percent Collective

We've partnered with Supergenerous!

Signing up with Supergenerous is an easy way to make your generosity go further. You can amplify your impact at no extra upfront cost.

If you have donated to us in the past 4 years you may be eligible for a donation rebate of 33.33%.

The Supergenerous online platform makes it super easy to claim your donation rebates back. It takes a few minutes to sign up and they give you the option to regift your rebate back to us as a new donation.

Thank you for your support and for any further donations made through Supergenerous regifting.

How it works


Sign up

Tell us who you've donated to and we'll get the donation receipts.


We claim for you

We'll make a claim with the IRD and send you updates along the way.


Rebate paid

You decide whether to re-gift or keep your rebate. Easy!

Who is eligible for donation rebates?

Individuals who have donated to a charitable organisation in the past four years

Individuals who have a current taxable income in New Zealand


What does it cost?

You pay nothing upfront. If we successfully secure a donation rebate for you, we take a small fee of 10% + GST.

If we can't secure a donation rebate for you... you pay nothing!


New Zealand's


Join us and help your favourite charity continue to do the awesome work they do.

When you re-donate your tax rebate you stretch your donation further.